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Haçienda - the story behind the music

The following information was originally going to be included within the sleeve notes of Haçienda, but I ran out of space.

Puesta Del Sol
Puesta Del Sol (Sundown) was the last track I wrote for Haçienda. Think beach party, somewhere hot...

Tico Tico
This is my arrangement of a Latin American classic penned by Brazilian composer Zequhina De Abreu.

I wrote Palomino several years ago, and it has always been a favourite at my gigs.

Tarantas are mining songs, and a form of flamenco that is sung/played in free time. This is the only guitar solo featured on Haçienda.

Almería is my development of the harmony found in Tarantas. The opening dissonant chord is typically flamenco and has an almost oriental sound to it. It is one of my favourite flamenco chords and I wanted to base a whole tune around it.

The Moors occupied Spain until the fifteenth century, and left a lasting legacy on Spanish culture, particularly in Andalucia and in the music we now call flamenco.

The Muezzin is the person that gives the Muslim call to prayer, that fascinating Arabic chant that can be heard at dawn in Islamic communities. To me, there are obvious similarities between the cry of the cantaor (flamenco singer) and the chant of the Muezzin.

El Paso
I was a big fan of westerns when I was a child, particularly the films of Italian Director Sergio Leone with their superb atmospheric scores composed by Ennio Morricone. The big showdowns or gunfights always seemed to be at El Paso...

Sangre Gitana
Sangre Gitana is a Gipsy Kings tribute, or perhaps more accurately, a tribute to their lead guitarist, Tonino Baliardo. Tonino and his band practically invented a whole new sub-genre, the 'rumba-ballad', featuring catchy guitar melodies and riffs played against a laid back Mediterranean rumba rhythm. The GK's romantic instrumentals have been a cornerstone of my live set since I started playing Spanish guitar in public.

This traditional Spanish melody should instantly recognisable as it has found its way into many compositions, including scores for film and television. Here it is arranged as a simple duet. This is the first tune I wrote/arranged for Spanish guitar.

A tongue-in-cheek rumba based on the melody from the famous anonymous classical guitar piece 'Romanza.'


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